Thursday, February 18, 2010

week 2 writing experience

although I've had to use both MLA and APA in the past, it is always good for me to go back and learn again. i am more comfortable with MLA citation. however, i do still have trouble at times. as more and more sources of information pop up, it becomes harder to classify exactly what category of citation they fall into. i do have help though. between the little brown book and, i can almost always find an answer to my citation queries. trouble or not, proper citation is invaluable. without citation all researchers would have to start from square one.

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  1. Fred:

    Citation is not exactly fun, and the number of ways to cite new and developing types of sources is staggering. If you need help with citation and you can't find the answer in Little, Brown, go to or to our own Online Writing Center. Good luck!