Thursday, February 25, 2010

Letter from birmingham jail

although his response is a bit lengthy, i do believe Kings letter would have been an effective blog. the letter not only brings an issue to the for front of peoples view but, he describes his solutions and details the means to bring it about. his letter does not just call to the people of Birmingham, it calls to people all over the country. he calls for the justice of a few to insure justice for all. King thoroughly explains how a nonviolent protest is executed and what exactly he hopes to accomplish with it. his basic message remains true to this day. his words would still be just as powerful. he would still elicit the sense morality that would lead to action.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

week 2 writing experience

although I've had to use both MLA and APA in the past, it is always good for me to go back and learn again. i am more comfortable with MLA citation. however, i do still have trouble at times. as more and more sources of information pop up, it becomes harder to classify exactly what category of citation they fall into. i do have help though. between the little brown book and, i can almost always find an answer to my citation queries. trouble or not, proper citation is invaluable. without citation all researchers would have to start from square one.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

why i chose psychology

i chose psychology because i have always had a great interest in the workings of the mind. i feel that a deep understanding of the human mind and of people in general can be a great asset in life. i chose psychology over psychiatry because i believe that all too often people are rushed into a regiment of medications that often lead to permanent side affects. side affects that can, in some cases, be almost as bad as the ailment the medication is meant to cure.

understanding how people think can help with communication. i believer that good communication is absolutely necessary in ever day life. i also believe that, if one can understand the mind, then one can understand the world we all live in. with all our advances in technology, we have almost infinite means of access to information on a global level. in these times of globalization, i believe that above all we should remember that, with all our cultural differences, we are in essence all the same. culture has an affect on us all however, in the end, human kind has had the same brain and mind since the earliest reaches of our history.

while some disorders and ailments may have physiological basis, in many cases ailments such as anxiety and depression can often be helped through completely natural means. however, the first response to an individual suffering the symptoms of depression seems to be to prescribe a tricyclic or an MAOI or some other form of anti depressant. there are many forms of therapy that can drastically reduce if not completely alleviate the symptoms. photo therapy, exercise, simple rational emotive therapy, are all used with great success.

in summation, my choice has its base in my own beliefs and interest. understanding that the world, in all its new wonders, is still the product of human innovation and the miracle that is the human mind, can help us all in our everyday lives. and when illnesses like depression are treated from the source rather than the symptoms, there will be great advances in the treatment of individuals that seek relief from there agony.